30-Day Declutter Challenge with Free Printable Tracker

Over the next month, this challenge will help you reduce the amount of clutter in your home and add more space and ease to your everyday. In the end, you’ll have more awareness about what adds value to your life and be more comfortable letting go of what doesn’t.

In the words of tidying expert Marie Kondo, “the moment you start you reset your life.”

Inspired by Leah’s YouTube video titled “i decluttered my life in 30 days,” the 30-day declutter challenge is simple. You get rid of 1 item on day 1, 2 items on day 2, all the way to 30 items on day 30 (totaling 465 items!) You don’t need to do it chronologically or even consecutively. Take your time, and go at a pace that feels natural to you. Use my tracker to keep yourself accountable each day.

Ready? Let’s begin.


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