Toy Day Event Guide – Animal Crossing New Horizons

Toy Day is Animal Crossing New Horizon’s free winter Christmas holiday event. Gather ornaments, craft DIY recipes, and exchange gifts with your island villagers for this fun celebration.

Toy Day begins 5am December 24th and ends 5am December 25th in your local timezone.

Buy Toys from Nook’s Cranny

The main thing you need to prepare for regarding Toy Day is to buy toys from Nook’s Cranny. Starting on the 1st of December, Nook’s Cranny will start selling toys on the blue mat to the left of the door. You’ll want as many toys as you have villagers; it won’t matter who gets what gift.

This will take 10 days if you have the full amount of villagers on your island, since the toys rotate daily. If you’re not too fussed about it however, you could just buy 10 of the exact same toy on the same day.

Gather Ornaments

From the middle of December until early January, the island’s cedar trees are decorated with lights. If you walk up to a tree and shake it, ornaments will drop. Ornaments come in three different colors: red, blue, and gold.

Craft Wrapping Paper and Deliver Presents

Upon talking to Jingle he will ask you to craft 3 sets of festive wrapping paper and give you the DIY recipe. After they’ve been crafted, Jingle will give you a magic bag and Toy Day stockings in return. After all of the gifts are delivered to the villagers, Jingle will grant you with a DIY gift pile recipe and a Toy Day sleigh.

How to Get Jingle’s Framed Photo

You can also exchange gifts with your villagers for Christmas items available from Nook’s Cranny after the task is completed. If the stockings are hung on the wall, you will find a gift inside them the next day being Jingle’s customizable framed photo.


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