How To Expand Your Storage in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Nintendo showed off an expanded storage capacity available after downloading the 2.0 update. Previously in New Horizons, home storage was capped at 1,600 items. In the 2020 Winter update, you could upgrade your Storage to hold 2,400 items. Now you can increase your storage three more times, to a grand maximum of 5,000 items!

Each time you pay off your debt with Tom Nook at Resident Services and upgrade your house, the storage space available in the home expands. When you start, your tent has zero storage. Your storage space starts off small at just 80 slots after you upgrade to a house, but you can increase it by adding rooms onto the house and purchasing storage expansions. Here’s a little table displaying all the storage possibilities and how to get them!

UpgradeSlots AddedPricePayment TypeTotal Storage
Upgrade to House8098,000Loan80
Ground Floor Expansion100198,000Loan120
Back Room240348,000Loan240
Left Room80548,000Loan320
Right Room80758,000Loan400
Second Floor4001,248,000Loan800
Expansion 1800500,000Up Front2,400
Expansion 2800700,000Up Front3,200
Expansion 3800900,000Up Front4,000
Expansion 41,0001,200,000Up Front5,000

How To Increase Your Storage

First, head over to Resident Services. Speak with Tom Nook at the construction consultation counter. Select “About my home…” then “Expand my storage.” Tom Nook will inform you can’t use a loan to get more storage, so you’ll have to pay the full amount up front. If you don’t have enough Bells on you, Tom will tell you to come back once you have the full amount on you. If you have the Bells, you Tom will start the paperwork right away, and your storage will be expanded by tomorrow morning.

Need More Bells?

Don’t have enough Bells to increase your storage space? Check out my bug selling guide to maximize your profits and pay off your loans sooner! You can also try selling items on Nookazon, the Amazon for Animal Crossing.


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