Bunny Day 2022 Event Guide

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers a free, seasonal event to celebrate Easter. The 2022 Bunny Day event will start on April 10 and last until April 17. Continue reading to learn how to gather eggs, obtain new DIY recipes, and unlock exclusive items.

Where To Find Zipper

You will have to hunt him down. Zipper doesn’t spawn in any particular area, so you will have to find him yourself on the island. Once you are in close proximity to him, Zipper will make direct eye contact and watch you. Once you spot him, simply walk up to him and press A on your controller to talk.


During this week-long spring event, you will see six different types of eggs hidden around your island. These eggs include earth, leaf, sky, stone, water, and wood.

DIY Recipes

You will need to gather different eggs to craft unique Bunny Day recipes that are given by Zipper himself. These DIY recipes can be learned by picking up eggs or by popping the colorful, striped egg balloon presents.

Zipper has hidden a total of 18 recipes on your island (excluding the recipes you discover when collecting eggs). By crafting all 18 special items, you’ll get a reward from Zipper himself.

Nooks Cranny

During the week of April 10-17, Timmy and Tommy will sell special Bunny Day furniture items in Nooks Cranny. Be sure to stop in daily to check out the selection.

Easter Day

On the last day of the event, April 17th, the actual day of Easter in 2022, everyone’s favorite event host Zipper T. Bunny will return to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island.

Head over to your island’s plaza to speak with Zipper. He will send you on a mission to find all 6 different types of eggs hidden around the island. If you need a certain egg, you can trade another 3 eggs for it. Just walk up to Zipper and say Let’s trade! Once you find at least one of each kind of egg, return to Zipper, and he will give you a Bunny Day basket.

Make sure to learn all the DIY recipes and craft them all to receive the super special reward from Zipper. Happy Easter, gamers!


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