Diagonal Bridge Guide for Animal Crossing New Horizons

When everyone shares their beautiful island layouts on social media, it is easy to get jealous. Diagonal bridges combined with Leif’s seasonal bushes make gorgeous additions to any island, but how do you place a bridge diagonally?

The first step in building the perfect diagonal bridge is visiting the Construction Consultation table. After purchasing your bridge kit from Tom Nook (I choose the red zen bridge), pull out your Nook Phone. Access the Island Designer app. Once your character puts on that white and green construction helmet, it is time to put paths down to mark out the bridge area.

In this guide, I will show you how to place a red zen bridge diagonally, facing left. If you would like your bridge facing the opposite direction, I recommend using a photo editing app, like Canva, to flip the image horizontally.

Please reference the photo below to help guide you when marking out the path. I recommend marking the path first, then using your special waterscaping shovel. As you can see in the picture below, I alternated between the arched tile path (gray) and the sand path (yellow), but you can use any path style you like.

Waterscaping is a very tedious yet rewarding activity in New Horizons. I recommend carving out some free time in your busy day to focus on building designing your diagonal bridge.

With the handy-dandy waterscaping shovel equipped, you can press A on a piece of land to turn it into water, pressing A again on tile of water will turn it back into land. Once you have at least a 2×2 square of water, you can round the corners by filling them in with land then pressing A again to take off the corner (pressing A a second time will remove the corner of land). It helps to stand directly behind the point of the land square when rounding it into a corner.

Lloid, an orange f will appear with the plot and accept donations for the bridge’s construction, and when the required funding has been donated in full, the bridge will be completed the next day.

Bridges can be canceled during the funding period by speaking to Lloid and paying 10,000 Bells, or demolished after construction by speaking to Tom Nook and paying 10,000 Bells. A maximum of 8 bridges can be placed on the island at once.

That’s how you can build a diagonal bridge in ACNH. Let me know if you have any questions by posting a comment below.


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  1. What are the dimensions for a smaller diagonal bridge? And what if you wanted two diagonal bridges going in opposite directions↖️↗️?

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